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About Us

The Business Builders Network, Inc. is a dynamic organization of business owners and managers who meet weekly to discuss the best ways to increase business in our community. In addition to actively promoting our members’ businesses through exchanging business leads and referrals, we share ideas on marketing, operation and customer service. Every member shares our ‘best practices’ guideline, which we recognize as the foundation for building customer trust and loyalty in the community.

The purpose of Business Builders Network, Inc. is twofold:

  • Build professional relationships. We accomplish this by finding and organizing networking events to facilitate the creation of professional relationships within the business community and inviting members to share their business challenges, insights, and experiences, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs.
  • Enhance small businesses.  While direct solicitation of members is not encouraged, we do provide many other opportunities for small businesses to increase sales, get exposure, and build a customer base.  A couple of the ways this is done are: monthly email newsletters to inform subscribers of our member’s products and services, special promotions and events, and additional details about a different business each month; learning more about each other’s ability to serve the community via brief, in-depth meetings between 2-5 members and presentations to the entire membership.

For the consumer, you can find trustworthy businesses from many varied industries in this network. We realize that the consumers of America are looking for better service and quality products, rather than poor service in exchange for cheap prices. Every member of the Business Builders Network, Inc. has customer service as its number one priority, though this is not the only thing that makes us great. Read on to learn more and check out each member, we all look forward to serving you!


Business Builders Network, Inc. is filled with small business owners who help each other critique and improve their businesses and by extension, their profitability. 

It is a mastermind group that meets once per week to share knowledge and experience, and promote and support each other during these tough economic times.

BBN uses a blend of high-tech and high-touch to get it's message out to the consumer.  The theory is, if we can help each other make our businesses better now, when times are  lean, we will reap the harvest when the cycle swings the other way.

If you are a small business owner, you may sit in on our briefing as a guest by calling  Matheson Marketing and Consulting at (910) 484-7946 and ask for Ann, or signing our guest list.

Be prepared, we have a procedure that you might not find at many other clubs, we start and end our meetings with a prayer, and from time to time, you'll hear us reciting the pledge of allegiance.  If you are offended by any of that, it might not be your kind of group......otherwise, we'd love to have you visit.

Also, we have a 'one chair per industry' rule, meaning only one Italian restaurant, printer, tire shop, web designer, etc.

Peruse our member list to see if your industry is represented, then call us at 910-484-746 and ask for Ann, or sign our guest list on the Locate Us or Invite Yourself pages of the website, and let us know when you plan to visit.

Not sure if your business will compete with another BBN member?  Tell Us About Your Business, or contact the business in question directly, and we will respond to negate or affirm your concerns.


Whether you are a consumer, or a business owner, you will want to look through our list of businesses for high-quality goods and services you can depend on. 

Below you will find a subset of the best marketing group in Fayetteville. 

All members follow a 'best practices' guideline.

You might ask, what are best practices?  The short list is as follows:

Reasonable Prices
Quality Products and Services
 Honesty and Integrity in Business Dealings
Military Appreciation
Good Customer Service
(try finding that these days, lol)