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How to use Xp3 Fuel Additive

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How to check your Gas Mileage

Xp3G Gas Additive:
                                          Xp3D Diesel Fuel Additive:
Add 1 24 mL/0.80 oz of Xp3G Gas Additive to tank “before” fueling.

By adding to each tankful of gas, you can help reduce fumes and toxic emissions.  One study showed Xp3 reduced emissions by 40%.

Available in:

24 mL/0.80 oz.
480 mL/16 oz. containers.

One Xp3 Gas Torpedo (24 mL/0.80 oz.) treats up to 20 gallons of fuel.

One 480 mL/16 oz. container treats up to 400 gallons of fuel.


Add 1 ounce of Xp3D Diesel Additive to your tank for every 30 gallons of fuel.

You may see results almost immediately unless your vehicle has not been serviced for a long time. In such a case you may need to try the Diesel Fuel Additive a few times before you will notice results.

Available in:

24 mL/.80 oz.
container– treats 24 gal.

120 mL/4 oz.
bottle–treats 120 gal.

480 mL/16 oz.
bottle–treats 500 gal.

3.8L/1 gal.
bottle–treats 4,000 gal.

bottle–treats 10,000 gal.