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How to Check Your Gas Mileage


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Calculating MPG

1.     Fill your vehicle with fuel.  Do not top off! Let the automatic stop on the handle click      ONCE.


2.     Write down your Odometer reading(O1) before you leave the gas station.  I like to write mine at the top of my receipt and keep my gas receipts in a designated space in my car.


3.     Drive your car as you normally do, to at least half a tank.


4.     Fill up your vehicle again.  If you do not get a receipt, write down the gallons(G) you just put in your tank to 3 decimal points (0.123) and your current Odometer(O2) reading.


5.     Subtract the Odometer reading from your last fill up(O1) from your current Odometer reading(O2) to see how many miles(M) you drove.


6.     Divide the amount of miles you drove by the gallons(G) you just put in your tank.


7.     The result is your vehicle's Miles Per Gallon, or MPG


In other "words": MPG=M/G, when M=O2-O1

(G)   = Gallons Purchased

(M)   =  Miles You Drove

(02)  = Current Odometer Reading

(01)  = Previous Odometer Reading

( Ex:     345           ÷              9.655                =           35.732  )

           miles driven      ÷       gasoline filled       =   miles to the gallon

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