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Xp3 Calculations

If you can understand the calculations below, you will see how you can save on Gas.  And take less trips to the pump.

15 gal. x $.75 = $11.25 per Torpedo usage

20 gal. x $.75 = $15.00 per Torpedo usage

Using Xp3 Saves you $11.25 to $15.00 per Torpedo usage.

One Torpedo treats up to 20 gallons of gas.

total savings:  $11.25 x 4 = $45.00  -  $15  x 4 = $60.00
                             (per 15 gal tank)            (per 20 gal tank)

So if you have a fifteen (15) to twenty (20) gallon tank    your savings will be $11.25 to $15.00 per Torpedo usage   or a total savings of $45.00 to $60.00 for one Xp3 Trial Four (4) pack.

A   Xp3  Trial Four (4) pack  costs $29.95
Total cost includes shipping and handling

                    $29.95 ÷ 4 = $7.50 per Torpedo (1)

                    $11.25 – $7.50 = $3.75
actually gain at a  minimum.
                                  That’s almost another Gallon of gas.

And depending on how many more miles per gallon    you’ve gained since using Xp3 calculate your savings by how many times you purchased gasoline.

Once you start using Xp3 you add it to your tank Every Other Fill Up which actually saves you even more because you are putting Xp3 in your tank less often but still getting the same savings with increased gas mileage.

Purchase Your

Trial 4 Pack XP3G GAS Additive
Trial 4 Pack Xp3D Diesel Additive
If not 100% satisfied return product for full refund

Xp3is a gasoline and diesel additive that is:

ECONOMICAL - Reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs

EFFICIENT - Disperses water and improves combustion

ECOLOGICAL - Reduces fumes and toxic emissions

CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL - 100% biodegradable

With   Xp3 Experience Improved Vehicle Performance with Gasoline and Diesel Fuels.