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Home Safe Home Inventory

   Being prepared in the event of a disaster or catastrophe is the best defense.

Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC in Fayetteville, NC offers additional measures of security, protection, and peace of mind to all individuals from the Sandhills to the Coast.  A home or small business inventory is just what you need to get your life back to normal faster after a catastrophe.  We provide homeowners and small business owners with a written and photographic portfolio with all items documented.  This ensures adequate insurance coverage and reduces the stress related after a loss.

We also provide safety products such as DataDots ™ and the Identaky™

Contact us today to be proactive and start safeguarding your loved ones and possessions.

Steve & Jennifer Rogers

My family also has a ministry that serves the homeless in our community.  To find out more click the following link:   www.hopeforourhomeless.blogspot.com

Question:                                                               What is the first thing you would do after a major catastrophe such as a fireflood, tornado,  or theft in your home?

You'd probably answer:

Call my insurance company.

We Help Make You Whole Again

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