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  50 percent divorce rate officially
         - must be higher because some separated but never divorced
         - many never officially married but they separated also
         - statistics on fatherlessness:

               85% of all children that exhibit behavioral divorces
               85% of all youths sitting in prison
               82% of teenage girls who get pregnant
               90% of homeless and runaway children
               71% of all high school dropouts
Absent fathers are not the problem. Fathers have become the great American scapegoat.
The problem is America has not taught males and females how to prepare themselves and choose prepared mates for family responsibilities.
Our goal is NOT to talk about the problems. Our goal is to better prepare men and women to be more responsible and to pick more responsible mates.   We teach ten relationship rules to help achieve that.


Do the people you spend time with act as if they would rather be with you versus someone else. Are you the last option.
Does this person make an attempt to coordinate with what you are doing?


Do the people you spend time with show genuine appreciation for your time or efforts. Do they take you for granted?
What are some signs that a person takes you for granted?

1. They never prepare themselves for your arrival.
2. They never bring money or supplies for your get togethers.
3. They forget your appointments.


Are you getting respect?
1. Are you the brunt of ALL the jokes all the time?
2 .Does the person call you names you say you do not appreciate?
3. Does the person pressure, force or ultimatum you to do what you say you do not want to do?
4. Is it clear you are not who they prefer to be with?


Do the people you spend time with encourage you to do what your interests are or do they hope you give it up?
If you fail do they reinforce your failure or encourage you to pick yourself up.
A person who does not give you encouragement could cause you to think less of yourself.