October Business of the Month

Never forget to send a card again.

                       Ask Michelle Barclay

 how Send Out Cards can help you show your family, friends and business contacts you appreciate them, and can save time in the process by doing it from anywhere you have
                                                                                                  access to a computer at a moments notice.
Try it before you buy it.  Send a free card Today!
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Send Out Cards allows you to:
1.  Personalize cards with your own photos, handwriting, and messages.  Choose from our card catalog or design your own.

2.  Send cards and gifts for any occasion.

3.  Upload all of your contacts into your personal secure website for easy access and grouping.  Create specific groups to separate business from personal if you like.

4.  Preset reminders for special occasions, birthdays, and holidays.  Send Out Cards will send you a reminder email 14 days prior to the event.  Never forget again.

5.  Pre-send cards up to a year in advance, each card sending on the day you specify.  You can choose to send the card immediately or specify a certain date. 

6.  Set up campaigns to send multiple cards at a time.  The holidays are a great time to use this feature.  Create one card and select the contacts to send the card to and let Send Out Cards do the rest for you.  You can even specify if you want the name of the contact in the card.

7.  Send cards and gifts to any address, worldwide.  This is a wonderful feature for our military.  Send a card with a gift and you don't have to go to the post office or worry about overseas forms.  Send Out Cards does it all for you.