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May BoM

Eric Ruble

A Green Company
Pro Touch May Customer Appreciation Month
Mother's Day Special

25% off all services

Give Mom a gift of vision.  Have her headlights restored to new.
Compare the cost of restoration to the cost of purchasing a new windshield or replacing headlights that just needs the Pro Touch.
  Not to mention We Come To You providing top quality repairs for your windshield chips and cracks and the highest quality headlight restoration available.

Give a Gift Card to that special someone who complains about not being able to drive after dark because they cannot see the road.  Give the gift of Safety.  Take advantage of the may special and save.
Windshield Repair
  • Pro Touch provides no-cost windshield rock chip repairs. If you carry comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, most major insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the full cost of windshield repair. Call Pro Touch today to inquire if your windshield chip can be repaired at no-cost to you.
Headlight Restoration
  • Did you know that your yellowed or cloudy headlights can reduce your vision by up to 95%! Even if your vision is reduced by only 50%, at highway speeds that can reduce your time to react by up to 4 times! This equates to a huge safety hazard at night.